I am currently a Senior Researcher in the Autonomous Systems group at Microsoft. I focus on the development of safe and efficient perception/planning algorithms for robotics, through machine learning for perception-action loops, representation learning and bridging the simulation-reality gap.

I received my PhD from the Texas A&M University, where I was part of the Unmanned Systems Lab headed by Srikanth Saripalli. My PhD thesis focused on collaborative localization and uncertainty-aware navigation for groups of micro aerial vehicles. During my PhD, I also worked on applying computer vision and machine learning to autonomous aerial/ground vehicle research, medical robotics, and precision agriculture applications.

Prior to that, I received my MS from the Arizona State University. During these years, as part of the Extreme Environment Robotics Lab, I worked on the design and development of several robotic platforms and sensory networks. One of these robots played a role in the discovery of microbial life in Antarctic subglacial lakes.

Research Interests

  • Robot Perception and Planning
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision


  • PhD (Robotics), 2019
    Texas A&M University
  • M.S. (Electrical Engineering), 2013
    Arizona State University
  • B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering), 2011
    JNTU, India